2022 Vintners, Now Recruiting

The vinNEBRASKA committee is now recruiting vintners for the 2022 vinNEBRASKA Wine Event

Friday, April 8 & Saturday, April 9, 2022.
Share your fine wines with more than 500 event attendees!

vinNEBRASKA Vintner Requirements:

The vinNEBRASKA committee can assist in finding a distributor for the event upon request

  • Your winery/vineyard are asked to donate a minimum of 4 cases of wine for the event and one live auction package. 25 bottles of the same vintage will be served Friday evening with dinner, plus a couple of bottles (your choice) for tasting. The balance will be served Saturday evening for the tasting.
  • Your winery/vineyard must supply an expert representative to present your wines both event nights. (Hotel accommodations and a portion of travel expenses are complimentary for attending wine representatives.)
Please contact us to participate

Mark Gudgel at mark.gudgel@yahoo.com or 402-730-7530

Vintner Interest Form

Interested in participating as a vintner at our next big event? Please complete and submit the brief Vintner Interest Form and a member of the committee will contact you shortly.