Overview of the vinNEBRASKA Foundation

Founded in 1989, the vinNEBRASKA Foundation has leveraged our contacts in the wine industry to help raise more than seven million dollars for local charities. Last year, the event was the most successful it has ever been, grossing more than $430,000 in two nights. Our board is made up of passionate philanthropists and wine enthusiasts who are eager to support great Nebraska charities. We are currently accepting applications for our next charity partner. That partner will begin on-boarding at the 2023 event, will attend our meetings with our current partner in preparation for the 2024 event, and will then transition to being our charity partner from 2025 through 2027. The application is below. Please submit the application online, and contact us at with questions. Thank you.

What vinNEBRASKA Provides 

If your charity is selected to become the vinNEBRASKA Foundation’s partner charity, the following will be provided:

  • All requisite knowledge of wine and the wine industry, including the contacts that make our event possible, are provided. The partner charity needs no knowledge of wine to be successful.
  • Logistical support, preparations, and organization for the event.
  • Our share of elbow grease.
  • vinNEBRASKA Board members will purchase tickets to both nights of the event (at cost).
  • Thirty plus years of institutional memory and industry knowledge.
  • Money. Successful partners gross between $180K and $430K per event, depending primarily on their level of output, promotion, connections, etc. 


Expectation of our Charity Partner

If your charity is selected as the vinNEBRASKA Foundation’s partner, the following will be required:

  • You agree to a four-year commitment to the event, one “on deck” and three as the recipient 
  • You agree to attend vinNEBRASKA’s meetings, which occur with varying levels of frequency depending on proximity to the event, averaging once every-other week
  • You agree to sign all contracts and provide all down payments with the partner hotel
  • You agree to devote one full-time employee or the equivalent in part-time staff to the event.
  • You agree to staff the event fully with volunteers
  • You agree to sell tickets and tables, find sponsors, and bring in supporters of your charity who will support you through attendance, live, and silent auctions. 
  • You agree to share your mailing list, both physical and email, with the vinNEBRASKA Foundation 
  • You agree to defer to the vinNEBRASKA Foundation on final decisions concerning the event (e.g. the charity partner does not have the ability to change the menu from steak to pasta or the venue from the previous location to any other to try to save money).
  • The charity partner will, upon being selected, sign an MOU agreeing to these terms



Instructions: Please answer each of the questions in the form below. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.  Applications due no later than January 15, 2023.

If you would prefer to download the application and complete in a Word or Pages document, please click the button below.