JUSTIN & Landmark

Rooted in a rich history of agriculture, Landmark Vineyards is founded by a group that includes Damaris Deere Ford, great-great-granddaughter of John Deere, inventor of the first steel plow. Enchanted by the sweeping views of the Mayacamas Mountains and the growing wine community, Damaris Deere Ford (by this time, Landmark’s sole proprietor) moves the vineyard to its present site in the Sonoma Valley. Damaris Deere Ford turns her attention exclusively to producing chardonnay and creates the first vintage of our flagship wine Overlook Chardonnay. Landmark deepens its commitment to chardonnay by hiring world-renowned enologist Helen Turley. The collaboration leads to Landmark’s signature style: whole cluster pressed grapes, fermentation by native yeast strains, and aging in French oak. Named after the town in Illinois where John Deere set up his blacksmith shop, Grand Detour is released by Landmark as the inaugural vintage of and our first foray into pinot noir. Landmark’s 1995 Overlook Chardonnay lands a spot on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 List. It’s the first of six times. Landmark releases its first Overlook Pinot Noir. 2014 It’s the latest achievement for Greg Stach, a winemaker well known for creating some of California’s best single-vineyard pinot noirs.